Boy Mom {Monterey Family Photographer}

Like I’ve said before, if there is someone I can connect with, it’s another mom that has boys. Especially three boys. Shortly after moving to Monterey, I met just such a person. Sweet, kind, beautiful, check. Three boys all right around my kids age, check. Lets be friends!

Our friendship has grown over the last several months. Our kids play hard and live hard with each other. They are growing up side by side and that is just such a very special thing to be able to share with someone.



While their families were in town over the Holidays we grabbed some pictures of the whole family.



I love it when I can get a second to photograph another mom. So rarely do we have pictures of us when we have little kids. So focused on them, we forget that they want to see what WE looked like at this stage.

Had a great time, W Family!

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