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Knock Knock

Who’s there? Woo! Woo who? I know, it’s exciting for me too! I’m sorry I have absolutely and 100% notView full post »

Shelby+Davey {Fayetteville, NC Engagement Photographer}

Oh these two. Young, and in love and ready to start their lives together. Shelby has been part of our family since sheView full post »

Turned Family {Ashburn, VA Family Photographer}

I have been given amazing, talented, kind friends in this life who are part of my family. I totally jumped a head hereView full post »

Firefighter Engagement Session

I’m SO excited to get the chance to photograph this wedding early next year! It’s been such an honor toView full post »

3+1 {Fayetteville Maternity Photographer}

So behind on my blog! Sorry sweet followers. Give me some time and I’ll catch you up:) This dear friend of mineView full post »

Casey and Joe {Fayetteville, NC Wedding Photographer}

Casey and Joe were married at their beautiful family property in Fayetteville,View full post »

Newborn Baby Jack

You know those friendships that take years to develop? The ones that are started, maybe sometimes go a little offView full post »

Newborn Baby J {Fayetteville Newborn Photographer}

Quick peak at a little that was in my studio a couple of weeks ago!!View full post »

Amanda+Logan Married {Fayetteville Wedding Photographer}

I’ve been looking forward to photographing this wedding for quite a while-This family has been amazing friends ofView full post »

Adam and Christine Married! {Big Talbot Island, FL}

This summer I was able to spend some time down with my family in Jacksonville,FL. While there, I had the honor ofView full post »

A Birth {Fayetteville Birth Photographer}

I get asked all of the time If I had to choose just one thing to photograph what would it be. I’m pretty sureView full post »

Senior Session {Fayetteville Senior Photographer}

Oh you senior girls and your crazy beauty, strength and confidence. This family was one of the first we met when weView full post »

Helen and Nathaniel Married! {Fayetteville Wedding Photographer}

One of the hardest parts about moving clear across the country is establishing myself again-its a battle we all face inView full post »

Prom! {Raeford, NC Photographer}

Hello old friends! It’s good to be back. Sorry for the crazy blog backlog-its been a wild few months aroundView full post »

Amanda and Logan {Fayetteville, NC Wedding Photographer}

A quick sneak peek of the amazingly beautiful Amanda and her new husband, Logan’s wedding this past weekend!View full post »

Newborn Baby D {Fayetteville Newborn Photographer}

Ohhh, sweet baby D. He was a bit older than my typical newborns by the time I got my hands on him at almost 4 weeks oldView full post »

Senior Photography {Fayetteville NC Senior Photographer}

So far behind on my poor blog! Please forgive me-life is crazy as always! This senior session was shot just as weView full post »

6 {Personal Project}

So, this may be one of my favorite series of photos I have ever taken of my kids. Its hilarious. It’s so them. MyView full post »

Twins {Fayetteville, NC Newborn}

Oh twin moms. I am always amazingly impressed with you moms of multiples. I get looks and laughs and comments all ofView full post »

A and L engaged! {Fayetteville Wedding Photographer}

Getting caught up slowly but surely on my sessions! Snow days have kept me busy with my littles in tow, so I decidedView full post »

2015 Wedding Season! {Fayetteville, NC photographer}

Working on editing my first wedding of the 2015 season and so excited to be working in Fayetteville, NC. I’mView full post »


Jen Daniels Photo is currently looking for families with newborns in the house for a lifestyle newborn session! PleaseView full post »

The S Family {Fayetteville Family Photographer}

The first time I met her was at her husband’s coming home ceremony. Mine had come home just a few days beforeView full post »

WE MOVED! {Fayetteville, NC Photographer}

Hello, my loyal Jen Daniels Photo followers! I am actually alive, we did actually move, and it was as crazy asView full post »

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