Christmas Cards

Card templates are shown as vertical front/back next to each other and horizontal top/bottom.  Numbers listed ABOVE the card is the

template you are looking at (ex, template 1 is for the vertical red/white checkered card).  Different fronts/backs can be combined to create

your personal card.  Layouts, text, colors and embellishments can be changed as well to reflect your personal style!  Please contact me for full

quotes and to design your families holiday card today!

Jen Daniels Photo_0618


Jen Daniels Photo_1319


Jen Daniels Photo_1276

4Jen Daniels Photo_0621

5.Jen Daniels Photo_0622

6.Jen Daniels Photo_0623

7.Jen Daniels Photo_0624

8.Jen Daniels Photo_0625

9.Jen Daniels Photo_0626

10.Jen Daniels Photo_0627

11.Jen Daniels Photo_0628

12.Jen Daniels Photo_0629

13.Jen Daniels Photo_0630

14.Jen Daniels Photo_0631

15.Jen Daniels Photo_0632

16.Jen Daniels Photo_0633


Jen Daniels Photo_0634

18.Jen Daniels Photo_0635

19.Jen Daniels Photo_0636

20.Jen Daniels Photo_0637

21.Jen Daniels Photo_0638

22.Jen Daniels Photo_0639

23.Jen Daniels Photo_0640


Jen Daniels Photo_0641

25.Jen Daniels Photo_0642

26.Jen Daniels Photo_0643

27.Jen Daniels Photo_0644

28.Jen Daniels Photo_0645

29.Jen Daniels Photo_0646

31.Jen Daniels Photo_0648

38. (5×5, requires extra postage)Jen Daniels Photo_0655

39.Jen Daniels Photo_0656

40.Jen Daniels Photo_0657

44Jen Daniels Photo_0661

46Jen Daniels Photo_0663

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