Grandmothers {Monterey Family Photographer}

The other day I was lucky enough to photograph one of my good friend’s mom with her grandkids. This momma and I connected over having three boys and all of the crazy, chaotic joy that they bring to our lives. They are some of my kids best friends in town.

Jen Daniels Photo_0000.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0001.jpg
I love generations working together to help raise kids. My kids grandparents are all integral parts of their lives. They each bring something different to the table and all assume responsibility to help us raise them as if they were their own. I think its one of the most precious things about having kids-seeing the village that rises around you to help get them to adulthood.

Jen Daniels Photo_0002.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0003.jpg

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