Long time friends

When I left for college I had no idea what I would find. No idea that some of the women placed in my life were going to change my world. My freshman year, I went through rush and joined a sorority….something TOTALLY out of character for me. But it just fit and so I went with it. Susan was our pledge leader of sorts. Several years older than most of us, she was in charge of my pledge class of nearly 60 girls. She was kind, and down to earth and pretty much everything I had hoped for out of this sorority experience.


Susan and I kept up with each other through out college event hough she was on a totally different track than I was. We were both dating people who went to the Naval Acadmey at the time (she went on to marry her college love) so we were constantly connected. She graduated a couple of years a head of me but, for some reason, we just kept in touch. Once every couple of months, emails, notes…maybe a call once a year. Then we started having babies and our mom hearts connected with each other in a whole new way.


We are totally different, yet totally kindred parenting souls. When we moved to CA, Susan and I started talking about possibly getting together. It had been over 10 years since we had last actually seen each other but it still seemed like this was a totally normal thing. So, one day I got a call that said, my tickets are booked and EMA (her youngest) and I are coming to Monterey.


As she walked out of the baggage claim, we big hugged each other, and again, it just felt like old times and totally normal that my friend would be coming for a visit. Thats why I dig old friends. Doesn’t matter how long its been since you last saw each other….you just pick up and fit in to todays life like you see each other every day. While she was in town we had the chance to take some pictures of just her and EMA in their element and enjoying a little time away from big sis for the weekend.


Sometimes people are placed in your life and there’s no clear reason at the time…but when that reason is revealed, you thank your lucky stars that they were put there. This weekend’s trip did good things for my mom heart, soul and creativity. I felt rejuvinated and excited in a way I hadn’t in a very long time. The best news? She’s bringing BOTH girls back next month to stay with my crazy clan for several days and I simply can’t wait!!







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