Mia {Redwood City Maternity Photographer}

Oh, Mia. Yoga instructor, foodie, crazy beautiful momma to be.

She exuded a confidence in her body that I wish for all pregnant women. She loved being in her skin and truly was enjoying her changing body. She appreciated her limitations and enjoyed being able to stay active in a way that she loved so dearly

Wishing you and your new family the very best!


  • Susan

    so stinkin’ amazing and lovely!ReplyCancel

    • Jen Daniels

      Thanks my lovely:) Can’t wait to get your belly in pics one day!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mia Beautiful Pregnant Mom,
    Your Fagie (Florrie) and I have become very close friends during the past 2 years that we are living in Cascades.
    You are quite amazing and as a Certified Doula for ten years I must share something with you. One of my Mom’s was / is a Professor at Hofstra University on L.I. She was a Yogi and did Yoga thru out her labor until she was ready to get onto the bed and start her last stage. She gave birth naturally to a 8lb. baby boy. She is also bipolar and was in the process of divorce. I was so proud of her and the way in which she delivered. I would expect the same of you. If u need any advice don’t hesitate to ask.
    In fact when Toby was pregnant and visiting your Grandma I created a folder for her to read and take back with her. She may have saved it and if so I’ll ask her to mail it to u as there is some good information.
    Can’t wait until u give birth; we are all excited. Your Dad pretends not to be excited but his expression tells me otherwise.
    I wish u positive energy continue on your beautiful path and u will have a beautiful birth.
    Doula Carole
    PS Are u using a Doula?ReplyCancel

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