Newborn Baby Jack

You know those friendships that take years to develop? The ones that are started, maybe sometimes go a little off course, but your hearts are so connected that they still find their way back to each other. Welcome to a story about that kind of friendship.
Meet baby Jack and his two big sisters. Jack’s momma and I were sorority sisters together. We probably know way too much about each other’s stories and have sworn over multiple glasses of wine that our littles will never know the whole version of some of our stories. When Alexis was pregnant with Jack we started talking about me flying up to come take his newborn pictures. It was my ideal version of getting to take newborn pictures. I get to go to visit one of my best friends at her house, meet her new baby AND take lifestyle pictures for her family. Lifestyle is where my heart lies. Getting to go into clients homes and capture them in their element is exactly what I want to do with my work. And, more importantly, when there are multiple littles in the house, I want to give them images to remember what those wild and crazy days were like. I want to show them their everyday is beautiful. I love the pretty posed baby pictures but there’s something that connects me to a client when we are in their world and I personally believe it makes a pretty powerful image.

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Newborn days are wild. Newborn days plus two still little sisters are even more wild.

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Alexis is also one of the hardest working momma’s I know with one of the coolest design styles ever. She’s the new creative director of the crazy popular Delta Girl Frames. I am lucky enough to be a wholesaler for these custom, distressed frames and have offered them to my clients for years-long before Alexis was ever part of the company.  The product has only gotten better over time and with her creative input. Each frame is hand made and hand painted in-house. She uses premium wood and paints to ensure the best quality product possible. Her patterns are always right on trend. Her metallics are stunning and the layouts she can create for your home are amazing. Here’s a few quick examples of the custom set that she designed for Jack’s nursery. She had such an awesome response from this mix and match style that she now offers this set in her shop! These frames are all over my house and one of my favorite things about them is the ability to keep adding to your gallery wall over time. Mixing the patterns and colors only enhances the overall look of these gems. Look for more layouts and client designs in the upcoming months and go check out Delta Girl Frames if you haven’t yet!!

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