Ohhh, sweet baby D. He was a bit older than my typical newborns by the time I got my hands on him at almost 4 weeks old but that didn’t stop us at all! Turning this session into more of a lifestyle session was, of course, the answer! His sweet momma and I did manage to get him to snooze a bit but, really, he just wanted to be held in his mom’s arms and that is just fine with me.

Jen Daniels Photo_1072.jpg
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Jen Daniels Photo_1080.jpg
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Jen Daniels Photo_1082.jpg

So far behind on my poor blog! Please forgive me-life is crazy as always!

This senior session was shot just as we arrived back in Fayetteville North Carolina in February with one of my favorite seniors around. She’s been watching my kids at various ages for years and years and I can’t even wrap my brain around the fact that she’s graduating from High School!
Jen Daniels Photo_1061.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1063.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1064.jpg

Oh, you seniors. Oh, you winter glowing sun. You complete me.

Jen Daniels Photo_1062.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1066.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1067.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1069.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1068.jpg

Jen Daniels Photo_1065.jpg

I also wanted to show you all the 10×20 print that we ended up framing in an Organic Bloom frame. I really look forward to laying these out for clients. It gives them a chance to get multiple pictures in one single print and framed as a 10×20, it’s a perfect wall piece!

Jen Daniels Photo_1070.jpg

So, this may be one of my favorite series of photos I have ever taken of my kids. Its hilarious. It’s so them. My three have birthdays in the same month and are separated by just a couple of days.  It’s hard to explain when they are this little that you already had your big day, just smile and enjoy some more cake:)  My middle can’t hide his feelings if his life depended on it-its true life.

Its everything that I strive to capture in my kids.
Jen Daniels Photo_1055.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_1056.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_1057.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_1058.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_1059.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_1060.jpg

Oh twin moms. I am always amazingly impressed with you moms of multiples. I get looks and laughs and comments all of the time for having my three so close together (everyone is almost 2 years to the day apart) and always hear “I don’t know how you do it!”. I laugh because while some days are on the verge of insanity and chaos, most days are totally manageable. But, I don’t know how moms with multiples do it!
High fives to all of the moms out there. It doesn’t matter how you’re getting it done or how many you are trying to get it done with. Its hard. The days are long. But, you’re doing great and that’s something I don’t think moms hear enough. You are doing everything you can and its all good enough!
High five to all the moms out there.

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