Oooooooo, this family. We were connected through one of my best friends from college. They are from another country and only in the states for a year while he’s in school. Such passion, ambition and love in this family. The military is big but the community is small and tight knitted. I thank my lucky stars every single day for these people who touch my lives-hope to catch you all at your home one day. It would be an honor to see your country along side of your family.

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I love getting to photograph other photographers families. It’s an honor when they ask you to capture their memories. Also, they have some pretty amazing ideas in terms of location. Laura was my second shooter for many of my weddings this past year. She decided before we all left Monterey she wanted something to remember her families time there by so she picked the tiny beach town of Carmel By the Sea. The kids were a joy, the light worked and mom and dad even got photobombed while they were trying to get just a quick picture of the two of them. Good day!
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Why do I love my clients so much? Because they get my vision of what family photographs should be. They should be pieces of your day right now. Sometimes, that means that everyone’s is dressed up and looks just right and all of the kids work together and sometimes that means that even though you just spend the previous night in the ER with one of your littles getting stitches, you still stick to your family pictures the next day because its your family RIGHT NOW! It’s who you all are. Its how you all should be remembered. It’s perfectly you. Thanks so much to the D family for being you all and for letting me be a part of the fun!

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Hello, my loyal Jen Daniels Photo followers! I am actually alive, we did actually move, and it was as crazy as anticipated! I don’t care how many times I’ve done it before, moves are big and long and wild. I wanted to thank Fayetteville, NC for opening its arms to us once again! We’re really excited to be back and I can’t wait to show you some of the sessions I’ve already shot since being here!
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(meet our 34′ airstream!!  more on this project later!!)

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