The D Family {Monterey, CA Family Photographer}

You all know my love for big families! I love the traditions-this momma contacted me and wanted to recreate a picture that her family had been doing ever since she was a little girl. The same picture was taken year to year when she was little…always at the same spot with her brother, mom and dad. As the families have grown and spouses and kids have come into the mix, they still kept the tradition. It became a once every couple of years picture but being able to contribute to a families history is pretty special in my opinion. D family, thank you for allowing me to capture your crew!

Jen Daniels Photo_0564.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0565.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0566.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0567.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0568.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0569.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0570.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0571.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0572.jpg

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