The L Family {Monterey Family Photographer}

Oh, this family. They are one who makes this sometimes very challenging lifestyle worth it. I cried when they left. I was sad that such good friends turned family were leaving but it was also a happy cry. We have been beyond graced with amazing neighbors turned family at every single duty station. They were one family who was added to this list since living in Monterey. There are several others here on this list as well, but this family was the first to depart for their next assignment.

Jen Daniels Photo_0005.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0006.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0007.jpg
Yes, 4 boys. 4 little boys. It’s an awesome, wild thing to witness.

Jen Daniels Photo_0008.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0009.jpg
Jen Daniels Photo_0010.jpg
This maybe one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of this momma and she’s been in front of my camera several times now. It’s just her being her. In the moment that she was in. She didn’t mean to be in these pictures but she just walked over to kiss new guy on the head and it was so perfectly HER that I couldn’t stop myself.
And then these buddies requested a photo or 38

Jen Daniels Photo_0011.jpg
Can’t wait to hug you all again one day soon!

Jen Daniels Photo_0012.jpg

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