What to Do {Part 1}

So, you have digital images from your photographer.  Awesome!  Now what? We all put them on our hard drives but having digital negatives should be a whole lot more than saving them to a hard drive and sharing them to Facebook!

Before we can even explore what to do with your amazing images we have to talk about making sure the digital negatives stay safe.  Saving them on your hard drive is NOT enough…not even close to being enough.  Saving them onto an external hard drive or burring them onto a CD/DVD is not enough.  Hard drives fail every day and will continue to fail.  DVDs get scratched easily and break all of the time.  They are amazing storage devices but they have a fairly short shelf life.  Some people think backing up to a DVD is plenty.  Did you know that almost all of the new MAC computers that are coming out no longer have CD/DVD drives built into them?  DVD is on the way out in many media outlets which is why I, unless specifically requested by my clients (and extra charges will be incurred), will only deliver digital downloads of your images.  DVD is headed the way of a VHS and I don’t want my clients to try and access their images in 10+years only to find there is no longer a way for them to access their pictures.

So, what is ideal?

1. Get your images on your computer’s hard drive

2. Back up your images to an external hard drive.  Think drives that plug into your computer, are installed in your computer in ADDITION to the existing hard drive to wireless hard drives such as MACs time capsule

3. REMOTE BACK UP.  Don’t just back up your images (and, no, Facebook is not a back up for photos).  Back up all important documents, records, pictures, forms, etc to a remote server NOT located at your house.  Beyond hard drives failing, what happens if a natural disaster floods your house, fire breaks out, a burglary?  There are so many instances in which you loose both your computer and back up hard drive and could be left with nothing.  There are so many cloud back up programs out there now and storage prices continue to fall.  Dropbox, Amazon cloud, iCloud, SafeSync, Google Drive and Skydrive just to name a very few.  If you want to get really fancy there are some new remote personal clouds devices that are very promising.

4. Stay current!  Whats best right now may be obsolete in 15 years.  Make sure you stay current with technology as times change.

You’ve made the investment in photography…make sure you protect your investment for your family.


Now, we can explore how to enjoy the beautiful pictures you have

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